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Environmental responsibility

Bentonit Company Limited concentrates its activity notably on environmental issues. The company is committed to the principles aimed at taking effective measures to protect the environment and provide environmental safety.

The Company’s basic principles aimed to provide environmental safety are:

  • Implementation of laws and regulations in environmental protection;
  • Performance of obligations related to labor safety;
  • Management of natural resources;
  • Production activity waste management;
  • Ensuring the quality and safety of output products;
  • Monitoring of environmental footprint of company’s operations;
  • Ecological information transparency.

To implement the above principles, environmental protection activities are conducted by the Company’s enterprises.

Each enterprise carries out works on equipment modernization, advanced gas-treating systems minimizing emission of particulate matters into the environment is being introduced.

Enterprises engaged in bentonite mining conduct works on remediation of disturbed lands: level natural dumps, restore topography and disturbed soil layers. 

At all bentonite deposits, a set of measures is being taken to eliminate the technogenic impact of mining operations, environmental conditions are continuously continuously monitored. 

However, the Company’s bentonite-based products are widely used in a number of environmental and nature protection programs. Bentonite is effectively used as a waterproofing material, for remediation of disturbed lands, in radioactive waste disposal, for purification of drinking and industrial waste waters, as well as for water treatment system systems of civil structures.


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