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Quality control

Quality is the guiding principle in everything we do in our Company.

In 2014 «Bentonite of Kurgan» Ltd., one of the Group companies, became the first and the only Russian company which obtained Quality Management System Certificate of Conformity according to GOST R ISO 9001-2001 with regard to production and sales of bentonite and bentonite powder and was certified by the American Petroleum Institute(API Specification Q1 and 13A) and gained the right to use API monogram.

All our efforts are focused on:

  • Continuous improvement of Quality Management System;
  • Products are tailored to meet clients’ needs;
  • Ensure sustained products quality;
  • Strategic and operative marketing planning allows to foresee and exceed present and future customers’ needs and expectations.

"Bentonite Company" is responsible for Corporate Quality Policy.

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