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BENTONITE Group of Companies has a systematic and integrated approach to developing bentonite reserves: from collection and interpretation of the data obtained, use of this data in geological modelling to provide the best systems of mining and implement them performing advanced drilling techniques.
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Bentonite Processing and Production of Bentonite-Based Products
BENTONITE Group of Companies is rich in bentonite raw-materials.
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Quality Control
BENTONITE Group enterprises produce high-quality, efficient and safe bentonite-based products which are compliant to Russian and international quality standards.
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Bentonit Company Ltd. holds mining licenses and processes bentonite clay of high-quality bentonite deposits of Russia, the Republic of Azerbaijan and the Republic of Kazakhstan with total commercial reserves of about 140 million tons.
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Strategic Policies
Strategic policies of BENTONITE Group derive from ongoing innovative development.
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Related Activities
The following companies which core activity is not related to bentonite mining are a part of Bentonite Group: Ilsky zavod Utyazheliteley-NPO Bureniye JSC, SPA SpetsPolymer LLC, Stroygidroizolyatsiya LLC and Solid Fuel and Minerals Preparation Institute LLC.
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