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BENTONITE Group of Companies has a systematic and integrated approach to developing bentonite reserves: from collection and interpretation of the data obtained, use of this data in geological modelling to provide the best systems of mining and implement them performing advanced drilling techniques. This approach allows the Company to conduct investigation, exploration and mining of clay raw materials by cost-effective and environment-friendly way.

Fig.1 Tagansky open pit mine. The Republic of Kazakhstan.

The  BENTONITE Group of Companies strategic objective is strengthening and expansion of raw materials source. Strong mineral and raw-materials base provides sustainable production and mining objectives.

The company carries out geological exploration not only within the existing transportation and production infrastructure, but also expands the portfolio of mining licenses in new potentially perspective areas.

Bentonite mines exploited by BENTONITE Group are located in Russia (the Republic of Khakassia, the Kurgan region), the Republic of Azerbaijan and the Republic of Kazakhstan.

During geological exploration works the Company focuses more on using advanced technologies and equipment, draws years of experience of specialized geologists, collaborates with Research and Engineering institutes considering this opportunity to increase performance.

BENTONITE Group of Companies operates the exploitation of mines located in Russia and CIS countries. The main activities of the company focus on production and maintaining the balance between economic efficiency and mineral resource management. Employing advanced technologies and a wide range of geotechnical activities BENTONITE Group maintains high production levels on currently exploited mines, actively brings new fields into mining activity.

The company preserves stability in bentonite mining for more than 20 years, adding and exploring new promising deposits.

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