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Related Activities

The following companies which core activity is not related to bentonite mining are a part of Bentonite Group: Ilsky zavod Utyazheliteley-NPO Bureniye JSC, SPA SpetsPolymer LLC, Stroygidroizolyatsiya LLC and Solid Fuel and Minerals Preparation Institute LLC.

SPA SpetsPolymer LLC

SPA SpetsPolymer LLC is Russian developer and manufacturer of innovative protection coating used in civil engineering and oil and gas complexes of Russia and CIS countries. Production plant and laboratory of SPA SpetsPolymer LLC have passed industrial qualification tests and protection coatings were included in the Registers of recommended protective materials of leading civil engineering and oil and gas companies of the Russian Federation.

SPA SpetsPolymer LLC offers integrated solutions which include delivery of materials and protection coating systems, introduction of technology, staff training, performance of works, development of technical documentation and consulting services.

Vast practical experience, continuous improvement of technologies and strict quality control at all production stages allow SPA SpetsPolymer LLC to maintain a high level of competitiveness and offer customers the highest level of quality of protection coatings.

Product range of SPA SpetsPolymer LLC include:

SpetsProtect protecting coating systemis represented by paints and varnishes for long-term protection against atmospheric corrosion of metal structures, technological equipment, surface of storage tanks and pipelines with a lifetime of more than 15 years in an industrial and marine conditions.

SpetsProtect OZM protecting coating system is represented by thin-bed fireproof intumescent compositions for metal protection under cellulosic fire conditions. These materials are intended for passive fire protection of steel structures of different functions of industrial and infrastructure facilities.

SpetsIzol / Unicoat protecting coating systemis represented by waterproofing polycarbamide coatings for high-efficient protection of above- and underground concrete and steel structures, including engineering structures: tunnels, bridges and road beds, sites of Fuel & Energy and Oil and Gas sectors.

Carboflex protecting coating system is represented by polycarbamide coatings for high-efficient protection of underground metal structures, including pipes, pipelines, mounting components of pipelines, coupling elements of pipelines, processing equipment.

Ilsky zavod Utyazheliteley-NPO Bureniye JSC

Ilsky zavod Utyazheliteley-NPO Bureniye JSC specializes in production of mineral powder for road construction, construction materials industry and agriculture; it also produces ground limestone for glass industry and limestone sand for production of dry building mixes.

The production capacity of the plant is 15 000 tons per month including 3 000 tons in the warehouse which ensure uninterrupted and timely supplies. All products are shipped both by truck and by rail.

The quality of products is strictly controlled by a plant laboratory certified by Rosstandart. The laboratory complies with the most modern standards and is equipped with all relevant equipment for carrying out research and experimental works.

Products are manufactured in compliance with industrial guidelines. The following documents are attached to each product: Certificate of compliance, Certificate of conformity, competent person's declaration and test protocols of non-food items on compliance with the Radiation safety standards requirements.

Product range of Ilsky zavod Utyazheliteley-NPO Bureniye JSC includes:

Mineral powder

Application: road construction, construction materials industry and agriculture. One of the most important components of asphalt concrete since it increased its service life allowing remarkable savings when using, adds necessary elasticity, increasing its durability and wear resistance. By adsorbing the most part of bitumen, mineral powder provides the asphalt concrete with required properties, increases deformation capability (elastic and plastic deformation) thus allowing to improve the road quality.

Ground limestone

Application: glass industry

Ground limestone is used in the glass industry as a component of organic-mineral mixes. It is responsible for main chemical and physical properties of glass thus allowing making it more likely to be recycled and reused.

Manufacturers of glassware, bottles, glass fiber use calcium carbonate as a source of calcium - one of the basic elements required for glass production.

Limestone sand

Application: production of dry building mixes

Limestone sand is made from moistureв carbonaceous mineral (limestone) by its drying under mild conditions, therefore its physical and chemical properties are preserved.

Limestone sand is used in production of dry building mixes as a binder forming plastic and viscous paste.

Stroygidroizolyatsiya LLC

Stroygidroizolyatsiya LLC is a Bentonite Group structural subdivision. The company’s main activities are:

  • Waterproofing of all building structures;
  • Waterproofing of tanks of different functions;
  • Waterproofing of roof (accessible and inaccessible roof area) and foundation;
  • Repair works and concrete restoration by waterproofing injections;
  • All types of installation and construction works.

Solid Fuel and Minerals Preparation Institute LLC (IOTTiМS)

IOTTiМS is engaged in solutions for production and preparation of coal and anthracite, brown coal (lignite) and other minerals for high-quality products manufacturing for iron and steel industry, chemical industry, electric power industry et al.

One of IOTTiМS activities is development of construction projects of buildings and structures.

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