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Quality Control

BENTONITE Group enterprises produce high-quality, efficient and safe bentonite-based products which are compliant to Russian and international quality standards.

Plant laboratory of Bentonite Khakasia Ltd

Picture 1. Plant laboratory of Bentonite Khakasia Ltd.

Quality management systems are applied at the Group’s enterprises for achieving and producing high-quality products; quality control is aimed to prevent the non-compliant products manufacturing or delivery and contracts terms as well as to strengthen the performance discipline and greater responsibility of the production chain for the quality of finished products.

Quality management service is introduced in each enterprise performing incoming quality control, post-process inspection and quality control of finished products.

Quality control of the enterprises is effectively supplemented by factory laboratories, certified and equipped with the necessary modern measuring, auxiliary and test equipment providing reliability of the obtained results.

Certified laboratory of Bentonite Khakasia Ltd  Laboratory of AzRosPromInvest LLC

Picture 2. Certified laboratory of Bentonite Khakasia Ltd    Picture 3. Laboratory of AzRosPromInvest LLC

Works on production process improvement and establishment of working conditions for bentonite production in accordance with requirements of the Russian and international standards are continuously conducted at each enterprise. Enterprises Bentonite Khakasia Ltd and Kurgan Bentonite Limited have established and are maintaining a quality management system which meets the requirements of API Specification Q1. The system certifies to use the API monogram for the products compliant to the requirements of official publications of the American Petroleum Institute (API) - the Q1 Specification and ANSI/API 13А Specifications.

Quality of our products is proved by the relevant certificates, successfully undergone audits and by the long-term and productive relationship with customers.

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