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Strategic Policies

Strategic policies of BENTONITE Group derive from ongoing innovative development. The Company’s investments into research and development are new opportunities for developing new technologies and production processes, new products, services and markets.

The following directions were identified as priorities for development:

  • Study of mineral composition of bentonite, learning to use high-precision devices and techniques of determination of montmorillonite content;
  • Technology improvement of drying and warehousing of bentonite products;
  • Development of new processing line for mass production of compacted bentonite products;
  • Development of bentonite applications for environmental protection: waste treatment and disposal, contaminated lands rehabilitation, water purification;
  • Mastering the mass production of bentonite products for medical use: medical products, food supplements, cosmetics products;
  • Development of industry and state standards and technical documentation for bentonite clay for various applications.

We implement R&D by our qualified experts: researchers, Masters and Doctors of science, professors, and we use the highest technological equipment on the basis of our own laboratories and research institutes. Among our scientific partners are: Russian Technological University named after M.V. Lomonosov (MIREA), the All-Russian Scientific-Research Institute of Mineral Resources named after N.M.Fedorovsky, Federal State Unitary Enterprise TSNIIgeolnerud (The Central Scientific Research Institute of Geology of Industrial Minerals), Institute of ore geology, mineralogy, petrography and geochemistry of Russian Academy of Sciences (IGEM RAS), The American Petroleum Institute (API), Instytut Techniki Budowlanej (Poland), Torex Engineering company etc.

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